Junior High Camp

Junior High Camp

Junior High Camping is a great experience for campers entering grades 7-9.

Dates: JULY 8-14TH, 2018

Cost: $300.00
Location: Camp Bountiful

Director – Tom Kaczmarek, 614-425-2607, moc.n1545074006sm@1z1545074006akmot1545074006

Please Note: Campers should not arrive before 3:00pm on Sunday, as camp staff will not be ready for registration until 3pm. Additionally, all camps are closed campus. You (or any visitors you are aware of) must get pre-approval to visit the camp from the director of the camp. We ask that you discuss arrangements to leave the camp at any time for any reason with the director of the camp.

If you would like to come to camp, follow these easy steps.

1. Complete Online Camp Registration Intention Form below to alert the Director that you are coming to the camp.

2. Print and complete the Community of Christ Event Registration Form

3. Bring the completed (with Parent/Guardian signature) Community of Christ Event Registration Form to the camp.

4. Any campers who will need to take medications while at camp will also need the MEDICATIONS ADMINISTRATION FORM located in the forms section. Please print it out and fill in all pertinent information, including a signature from a parent/guardian.