Junior High Retreat

Junior High Retreat

Theme:  I am…..

Description:  During our Fall Retreat, we discovered how important it is for YOU to be the author of your own story (that you should not let your fears or peers write your story).  In a continuation of “My Story”, our Spring Retreat theme of “I am…..” will focus on who YOU are.
How can an author know if they are in control of their story if they don’t know who they are?!  We will explore how God has a unique plan for YOU and that He has gifted you with the perfect set of talents for your own personal journey.

Drop off/Pick-up:  7:00 pm March 8 – 11:00 am March 10

Cost:  $70.00

Registrar: Amiee Wagner (moc.l1569259672iamg@1569259672renga1569259672weeim1569259672a1569259672)

If you plan on attending, please fill out the Online Retreat Intention Form located at www.campbountiful.org/retreats

We hope to see all of our Bountiful Beauties there!