Adult Retreats & Workshops


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When: September 15-17, 2023
Guest Ministers: Sally Cook Roth,
Theme: Grounded by the Past, Growing into the Future
Director: Deborah Hanes

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All are invited to engage in the following materials as preparation for World Conference 2023. World Conference will be held April 22-29, 2023. For full details about World Conference 2023, CLICK HERE.

  • July - September: Boldly Venture
  • October - December: COMING SOON
  • January - March: COMING SOON

We honor and welcome the diversity of life experiences and perspectives that shape our collective journey.


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We are pleased to announce that the new "Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission (CIMM)" through Graceland University and the Community of Christ Seminary are launching online Ministry and Priesthood classes. These classes include Temple School credit and non-credit-bearing continuing education units (CEU's). Additionally, students will receive a certificate when completing "Introduction to Priesthood Ministry", "Introduction to Scripture", and one priesthood office-specific class. More classes are coming including a new non-degreed online certificate program in "Christian Ministries", similar to the past MEADS programs. To enroll or view the schedule of upcoming classes, go to:

The following classes are now open for limited enrollment:

Fall B Session

Introduction to Scripture: 8 weeks, October 24 - December 17, 2022
Ministry of the Deacon: 8 weeks, October 24 - December 17, 2022
Children and Youth Worker Core Training: Sef-completion, October 24 - December 17, 2022

Each class costs $25.

Spring A Session

Introduction to Pastor Ministry: 8 weeks, Jan 9 - March 4, 2023 ($25)
Ministry of the Disciple: 8 weeks, Jan 9 - March 4, 2023 ($25)
Christian Ministry Certificate Course - Intro to Christian Theology - Dr. David N Anderson DMin: 8 weeks, Jan 9 - March 4, 2023 ($100)Register - Request Information