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When: September 13-15, 2024
Guest Ministers: TBD
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World Conference will be held May 30 - June 6, 2025. For full details about World Conference 2025, CLICK HERE.

We honor and welcome the diversity of life experiences and perspectives that shape our collective journey.


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We are pleased to announce that the new "Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission (CIMM)" through Graceland University and the Community of Christ Seminary are launching online Ministry and Priesthood classes. These classes include Temple School credit and non-credit-bearing continuing education units (CEU's). Additionally, students will receive a certificate when completing "Introduction to Priesthood Ministry", "Introduction to Scripture", and one priesthood office-specific class. More classes are coming including a new non-degreed online certificate program in "Christian Ministries", similar to the past MEADS programs. To enroll or view the schedule of upcoming classes, go to:

The following classes are now open for limited enrollment:

Ministry and Priesthood: Classes last between 6-8 weeks* in online learning only. All students progress together one week at a time. The class opens on Monday each week and all readings, discussions, and assignments are due on Sunday by 2 p.m. (CST). You can choose your own schedule to complete your work each week. A class facilitator will grade your work each Sunday. Certification is awarded for completion of three classes; Introduction to Priesthood Ministry, Introduction to Scripture, and one priesthood office-specific class.

Cost per class: $25.

*Exception: Children and Youth Worker Core Training: This class takes about 2 hours total to complete. Students can start anytime during the session, but you have 2 weeks from your start date to complete the class.

Christian Ministries Certificate: Classes are an 8-week blend of online learning with one live session each week. Students progress together one week at a time. One or two books are required before starting each class. Sessions open each Monday and end on Sunday afternoon. A live session lasting 1-1.5 hours is required each week. These classes are online versions of former MEADS classes.

Cost per class: $100 plus books.

Discernment Facilitation Certificate: This certificate includes six 8-week online courses with one scheduled live session per course during the first year. Live online sessions are offered every two months. During each course, there will be required readings, group discussions, and one praxis assignment. Year two includes peer-supported practicum groups that meet every two months for one year. Both the six courses and the practicum year are required for required for certification.

Cost per class: $100 (Community of Christ members receive a 50% discount)

(This cohort is currently underway – more enrollment information will appear here in the future)

Spiritual Formation and Companion Program Certificate: These courses will have limited enrollment through an application process (see link below). Classes are hybrid (in-person and online) three-year certificate program led by Community of Christ and hosted by the Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission. SFCP is designed as a formational experience for those who desire to learn more about spiritual formation and develop resources, gifts, and skills for spiritual companionship and leadership in their local contexts.

The 2024 cohort is already underway. For more information about future cohorts, please visit the Spiritual Formation and Companioning Program page on the Community of Christ website.

CIMM Sessions: We will be presenting live classes exploring theology, culture, and Community of Christ Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs in “bite-sized” sessions. These no-cost live sessions will take place most Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CST. You can learn more and register for a session here: CIMM Sessions

Book Club: Four times a year, the Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission and Community of Christ Formation Ministry will present a live broadcast and recorded session on a specific book. In many cases, we will have the author, or another qualified presenter share with us live. Registration is required for attending the live session or accessing the recorded versions. The price is $10 per session or $40 for all four sessions. You can learn more and register here: Book Club

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