We all like to get away from the pressures of our daily lives and feel safe and secure among the gifts of our natural world.  Such a place exists in Southeast Ohio just a few short miles outside the city of Jackson, Ohio.

There you will find a lovely valley area surrounded by tree covered hills.  The property was purchased by Community of Christ in 1962 from Audra and Kimbal Mapes.  The initial purchase was of 157.15 acres with the family farm house as its initial center for meetings and classes.  Campers slept in tents at the time since there were no facilities for housing.

Throughout the last 50 years the campground was used and managed by various Community of Christ constituencies from across southern Ohio, West Virginia and northwest Ohio.

Due to the dedication and passion for this special campground the 157 acres has grown to 342 acres.  Camp Bountiful contain various buildings and activity centers that allow groups of different sizes to gather and enjoy retreats, reunions, conferences and large and small group activities.  Non-affiliated Community of Christ organizations/groups have been welcomed to rent the facilities throughout the last 50 years.  In the 1970’s high school bands from the Columbus area started using the grounds for their band camps and still continue to join us annually.  

Camp Bountiful has become an oasis of peace, joy, and friendship for campers, staff, and visitors that have attended various activities throughout the years of existence.