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Youth camps and Family camp (reunion) are funded by donations.  Each individual is charged a $10, non-refundable, registration fee, with a maximum fee of $25 per family per camp.  The balance of the actual cost of camp – approximately $300-$350 per person for a week long camp – is paid from donations from congregations, individuals and mission centers.  We encourage those who are able to make a one-time or ongoing donation to either the Bountiful or Western Ohio Mission Center, as follows.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Bountiful Mission Center and select Campership (332) for youth camps and Reunion (330) for family camps.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Western Ohio Mission Center and select Youth Camps (355 and Reunion Fund (365).


Date: June 23-29, 2024
Cost: $10 registration fee


Date: June 16-19, 2024
Cost: $10 registration fee


Date: Nov. 3-5, 2023
Cost: $10 registration fee

How does the payment online work?

You may pay online via Venmo (@VernonFosterCB) or using PayPal. If you use Venmo, please include the camp name and your camper(s) names in the description.

If you prefer to use PayPal, follow the instructions below:

Camp Bountiful uses the secure and simple payment options available through PayPal to ensure that your online payment is safe and easy. Start by choosing the type of event you need to pay for from the dropdown list below. For example, if you need to pay for three children to attend senior high camp, you only need to choose Senior High Camp once, and then in your cart, you can increase that number to three.

If you want to pay for different events, then you will need to add each type of event and then increase the number in the cart if you have multiple children attending that event. For example, if you have one child attending each camp (Sr. High, Jr. High, and Junior), you will need to add each camp to your cart individually.

Finally, it's very helpful to know who your camper(s) is when we are accepting online payment! Please make sure to list the name(s) of your camper(s) in the text field beneath the event type. If you are paying for more than one camper, just list the names of all of the campers you wish to pay for regarding that specific event.

Type of Event
Please enter name(s) of camper(s)

Need some help? Take a look at this example.

This online payment is a little confusing at first - here is an example to help you out!

Example: I need to pay for 2 Sr High Retreats and 1 Jr High Retreat
-first, add Sr High Retreat to your cart and list both names of your Sr High campers
-then in your PayPal cart, increase the Quantity for Sr High Retreat to 2
-then go back to the Pay Online page with Camp Bountiful and add Jr High Retreat to your cart and list the name of your Jr High camper

Your cart will look like this - now you're ready to pay!