2022 Camp Bountiful COVID-19 Protocol Update

Greetings all:

Please take a moment to peruse the current Camp Bountiful COVID-19 Protocol for summer camps.  Although the intention was to do this for our youth camps only, this may also be the protocol for reunion and retreats.  I’ve consulted with people in our own area and also camps from other parts of the country and have run it past Apostle Carter.

There is no standard nationwide policy but all of those consulted have some restrictions for attending camps. Some are allowing only up-to-date vaccinated persons to attend camp. Some are not allowing any singing, even at outdoor campfires.  Some are using cohorts – that is, having the same people eating and sleeping together to reduce exposure. Some were still debating on how to have camps.
There’s no guarantee we won’t have additional changes.  We have no idea what variants could be in play in two months when camps actually start.  Let’s hope things only get better between now and then.
Bountiful blessings,